Featured Artist: Paco Pomet

Paco Pomet follows a style of magical surrealism in which bizzare and other-worldy occurrences take place in otherwise mundane environments be it the office, a vehicle or just a street scene

Featured Artist: Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki uses oil paint applied directly to wood panels. Her works portray young adolescent women in a style that has been described as a fusion of Art Nouveau and Japanese manga.

Featured Artist: Mc bess

Mc bess' works are heavily influenced by traditional Fleischer Studios cartoons which has its own unique nostalgic charm. Depictions of surreal worlds filled with musical instruments, mouths, and odd ramblings.

Featured Artist: Yang Xueguo

Since he was a boy he liked painting but has since graduated to using 3D animation and digital painting techniques. Surrealism in China still in its early phases and it looks as if he will be a pioneer in that frontier.

Featured Artist: Ryohei Hase

This Japanese artist paints in his free time to express 'the darkness of mind'. His pieces masterfully intertwine both melancholy and beauty to create some of the best surrealist art of the internet.

Infographic: Hierarchy of Beards

This week's infographic is the Hierarchy of Beards. Its somewhat unclear what the purpose of this poster is other than to detail the lineage of beards. We can only assume that each beard is a direct descendant of these glorious specimens. I like this infographic not because its particularly useful but because it recaptures the Victorian era's incessant need to categorize anything they came across. I think the skill of the craftsmanship and attention to detail caputers the quasi-sophisticated atmosphere and makes this one of the best infographics on the internet.

Short Film: Tune for Two

A hitman prepares to kill his victim, but not before sharing a moment between the two. Its hard to explain this film without giving away too much and ruining for you. All I can tell you is that its funny and its worth a watch. A real treat for the connoisseurs of dark humor.


To tell you the truth there's not much information available on Somefield. All we know is that he's a self described latent genius and he's got plenty of medals and awards to show for it. From what we gather, when Somefield isn't working on his prints, he likes to spend his time sandwiched between two soft waffles. I wish I was making this up. Anyway, his works are interesting, I particularly like the set of girls and the dark creatures. The contrast between the grotesque-ness of the insects, tentacles etc juxtapose well with the figures beside them; an eerie bond.


Surprisingly little is known about this artist despite the popularity of her work. Chiara Bautista draws influences from numerous sources from classical to pop art icons. Her works are supposedly a personal dialogue between Bautista and her muse Ilka. The illustration are chock full of imagery and symbolism and the attention to detail will leave you intrigued for quite some time. There's an interesting mix of classical style illustration which we might expect from the Grimm brothers as well as elements of line art and some newer techniques.

Short Film: Truth in Advertising

This is a brief look into the peculiar world of marketing campaigns. Instead of being professionals however, the character speak their minds freely to one another leading to some hilarious deadpan humor. Its both funny and refreshing to see people talking to casually about their true motives and the reasons for their actions. Great for a laugh but hits a little too close to home for comfort, its almost painful to watch this sad state of affairs unfold.

Theo Jansen

Jansen considers himself both an engineer and an artist all rolled into one. For the last decade or so, along the windy beaches of the Netherlands Theo constructs large strandbeests (beach beasts) that are capable of moving on their own. The lightweight construction, built mainly from PVC piping allows for Jansen's creations to move under the power of the wind alone. In an interview with the BBC Jansen stated that building his wind-powered creatures was akin to building successful life-forms and the problems they face. The most successful traits of each generation are passed on to the next. Its interesting to see human solutions to some of life's fundamental problems and Jansen is clearly a leader in the field of bio-mimicry.

Paco Pomet

Paco Pomet follows a style of magical surrealism in which bizzare and other-worldy occurrences take place in otherwise mundane environments be it the office, a vehicle or just a street scene. In every one of his works Pomet adds one extraordinary thing, often with a humorous touch.  There's just something about the scenes in his paintings which feel so familiar, as if they were old family photos you may once have breezed past, and yet, on closer inspection something completely unexpected appears.


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